Here are the answers to some common pest control questions we're asked.
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How often should I have my house inspected for pests
Generally a yearly inspection for termites and other pests is the best way to minimise pest infestations from developing. Depending on the type of pest and environment more regular treatments may be required. We will advise you when discussing a pest management plan.
What types of treatments are used
Treatment is a general term use to simply describe the many methods and options available to a licensed pest controller.

Options include gels, pastes, baits, granules, dusts, mist sprays or water based liquid sprays. The type of application used is determined by the type of pest, infestation severity and the access to the problem area. In some situations more than one type of treatment may be required.
Should I move my furniture
If you would like the skirting areas treated, it is a good idea to move the furniture or any general items slightly away from the skirting areas for access so we can apply a better line-of-defence against pests. There is no need to move larger appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers.
Do I have to leave while you carry out the treatment
Not necessarily but we will advise you if it is necessary to leave the home, or only to avoid specific areas until any treated surfaces have had time to dry. Advise us of any sensitive persons or pets requiring extra care. Fish are especially sensitive so any fish tanks should be covered and care will be taken with fish ponds to avoid any exposure to treatments outside.

Treatments that involve applying pesticides into the atmosphere or fine mists (such as flea treatments) will require you to leave the premises for a short period of time.
Do I have to take everything out of my cupboards
Generally you do not need to remove anything but you should cover open food packets. Depending on what the treatment is, we will advise at the time of booking your treatment with us if items need to be removed from cupboards.
What are white ants
Termites are commonly called white ants even though are a not an ant. The only similarities is that both termites and ants are insects; the worker termite is white in colour.
I’ve found termites, What should I do
  • Don’t disturb them and if you have moved anything before you discovered them try to put things back the way they were.
  • Don’t try to get rid of them yourself such as spraying or using other chemicals on them as you will only affect the termites you can see and not the ones in the mud tunnels deep underground carrying the food back to the Queen, who lays hundreds of thousands eggs a day - they will simply re-route their activity to another area of the house.
  • Don’t panic – immediately call Orange Pest Control Services so we can come out and carry out a full timber and termite inspection to detect where all the termite activity is and the root of the problem.
  • Once we can confirm where the activity is, an effective proposal for termite management plan to eradicate them from your property will be presented to you for your consideration. The termite management plan will also include ongoing control measures to ensure your property remains termite free.
How do I know if I have termites if everything look okay
Termites are known as "the silent destroyer" - You may not see any signs of termites until it's too late. The only way you can be really sure you don't have termites is to have al Timber Pest Inspection carried out by a qualified timber pest inspector every 12 months.
How long will a termite treatment last and how often should I get it done
Although treatments can last for years, the actual length of control on a given structure will depend on such factors as thoroughness of the application, how accessible your structure and property are for applying treatment, environmental conditions, and density of termite colonies in the area.
Your prevention management schedule will be determined by many factors and tailored to suit your individual needs.

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