If you're one of the millions of homeowners with cockroaches, it's high time to learn why and how it is that they are reproducing in the house. Pest species of cockroaches can easily adapt to a range of environments, but prefer warm, dry conditions found indoors. They are the most common pests that spread germs and can be harmful to humans, especially if there is a large infestation present.

 Moisture Attracts Cockroaches

Any damp, dark, and wet place will likely begin to have cockroaches within a few weeks. It's key to stay vigilant about areas that are not readily maintained. These areas could be a spare garage outside the house, a storage unit, or some other space that is not normally inhabited.

A floor that is damp or an old mop that is always sitting in water, are places that require extra attention.

Darkness and Hidden Places Attract Cockroaches

Cockroaches seek locations that are hidden because they are safe from dangers like humans. So any boxes, shelves, books, roof tiles that are not regularly checked are, technically speaking, home to the cockroach. They will scramble into these spots and stay there until it is safe to step out again. Removing these objects, or cleaning certain parts of the home that are especially attractive to cockroaches, will help keep the house a clean environment.

Strong Smells Attract Cockroaches

Garbage will attract not just one type of pest, but all of them. A small litter of trash bags, or improperly disposed of compost will attract cockroaches very quickly. To reduce that possibility, simply take out the trash and move the compost to the proper location – a sealed bin dedicated for composting. Using a tighter lid on everything that carries garbage, i.e. food for the cockroach, will help ensure no cockroach ever returns.


If there is less water, the better for your home and your family: cockroaches expect there to be water where there is food. Removing the source of the water makes the home less attractive for a nesting ground. The pet water bowl is a safe location for cockroaches to hydrate themselves. Remove it. A leaky pipe near the sink? Fix it.

Water, is the groundwork to a much worse situation. One cockroach moves in, invites others, eggs soon hatch – then an professional exterminator-only situation arises. Don't make that mistake; take action quickly, deal with a few cockroaches rather than hundreds.

The Bread Crumbs

All the little things count in the war against the cockroach. Areas that rain down generous amounts of food bits will constantly attract bugs – some large, and some bitterly annoying, like the cockroach. Regular sweeping AND regular vacuuming make the most attractive cockroach home undesirable. They will look for better real estate, though using chemical solutions to help them make that decision sooner will prove worthwhile.

Remember, they live up to 3 months without food!